We are a small registered non-profit Indian charitable trust set up in Jaipur in 2010 working for the welfare for injured, abandoned and suffering animals in India. Founded by a group of compassionate animal lovers, Aashray is an attempt to rescue animals and rehabilitate them. Currently in its most nascent stage, we need the support of people who wish to make a difference in any way possible. Aashray along with being an animal welfare organization also aims at informing people about animal rights and sensitizing them to the needs of our voiceless friends. Currently we are engaged in increasing awareness and building infrastructure.

No one has ever become Poor by Giving

Aashray is a private NGO that survives on the generosity of the general public to perform bird & animal rescues, multiple times a day, 24X7, 365 days a year. Monetary Donations are ALWAYS welcome. Please feel free to sponsor an animal, celebrate your birthday and/or anniversary with us. Indian donations are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Our Mission

Ashray is a rescue & relief center, hospital & shelter for injured and ill street animals in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. We rescue several animals in need on a daily basis. Our mission is to provide relief to all calls or rescue and intervention at the soonest to animals in need.

  • Lend a paw program

    This program entails helping abandoned animals that need a home, bring them to the shelter giving them the love, care and support they need. We also plan to have a pharmacy.

  • A Shelter of love

    The adoption program run by the organization. This includes finding a caring home for the rescued animals.

  • School awareness program

    This program entails educating children from different schools about animal rights and the need for compassion. Part of the program is the Sheeba memorial award, instated by Dr. Geraldine Jain – For maximum animal welfare work done by a student.
    We also plan to have many different activities in schools based around animal welfare.

  • Water Bowl Project

    Thousands of stray animal die due to lack of drinking water during the peak months of summer in Rajasthan. Aashray installs water bowls in several colonies in Jaipur and ensures filling them up regularly.

  • Bird Rescue Camp

    Aashray organizes Bird Rescue Camp during Makar Sankranti. This year Aashray had organized a Bird Rescue Camp in collaboration with Apollo College of Veterinary Science. Over 52 birds including 2 kites and 1 Owl were rescued.

  • Laboratory Animal Rescues

    Aashray has been active in effectively questioning the validity of research on animals in laboratories and the conditions in which they are maintained and has been instrumental in initiating several lab animal rescues.

  • Crematorium for Pets

    Very often pet owners are at a loss to bid a decent farewell to their loved ones. Aashray provides a serene place to cremate pets.


Please visit our gallery for the work our NGO recently done in the society.

Trustees and Members

Dr. Geraldine Jain

Dr. Geraldine Jain is a leading Jaipur based Dermatologist and animal lover. Aashray is her brain child and a key part of her life. Dr. Jain has adored and pampered many pets since her childhood. The idea of doing something for the welfare of these mute creatures had been on her mind for a very long time, until she finally decided to take an active step to change the ‘No voice, No choice’ state. She believes that each creature deserves a shot at having a healthy, safe life that is full of love. Through Aashray she plans to achieve this and more.

Dr. Adithi Jain

Dr Adithi Jain, is a young animal activist who has been associated with Aashray since it came into being. She has been passionate and dedicated to animal welfare all through her childhood and has always been there to help our voiceless friends. She had been a finalist in the "Cutest Vegetarian Next Door 2014" contest which is organized by PETA every year. She has been an active part of our vaccination drives, bird camps and living free campaigns. Her compassion and love for all beings keeps the spirits of Aashray always up.

Anant Jain

Mr. Anant Jain is a graduate from IIT Chennai who and is an active member of Aashray with rescues and campaigns. He has been an avid animal activist and his dedication to animal welfare never faded even during his tough graduation days. He has rescued strays and helped injured animals with the busy schedule that he follows everyday. His technical know how and designing skills always prove helpful in bringing in innovative and creative improvement at our shelter.

Brigadier (Emeritus ) Jagvinder Singh

Brigadier (Emeritus ) Jagvinder Singh Soin having served in the Indian Army for 35 years has shifted his focus from humans to animals. An alumini of Officers Training Academy , holds a Post Graduate Degree in Defence Studies and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights. An ardent pet lover , has always had pets at home. He has been instrumental in getting The Water Bowl Project to Jaipur and has achieved quite a successful strike rate. With his insight into governance and critical analysis of situations, Aashray would definitely benefit with his being forming part of the trust. He is often referred to as Aashray s "ROCK OF GIBRALTAR".

Dr Srinivasan Ramanathan

Dr Srinivasan Ramanathan Dean Apollo College of Veterinary Science

Dr. Rajan Wahi

Dr. Rajan Wahi– An animal loving, good natured Radiologist, Dr. Wahi lives with her family in a quiet corner of Jaipur. The favorite part of her day is spoiling her Daschund puppy- Juno rotten. Despite her hectic schedule she takes a keen interest in many different welfare activities.

Mr. Kamal

Kamal Is our man Friday, who painstakingly executes the largest to the most trivial chore with aplomb. He helps feed more than 40 dogs per day.

Mr. Rajeev Trehan

Rajeev Trehan

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